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The Lost Ways

By Claude Davis 

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The Lost Ways Review: Being Ready for the Worst-Case Scenario

Have you ever thought about how our great-grandfathers survived without today’s technological advancements? They didn’t have electricity, computers, mobile phones or the internet. Yet they lived longer than us, were healthier for the most part, and ate everything without giving a hoot about diet and all that stuff. They went about their lives quietly without thinking of things like bug out bags. So what’s the secret? That is the purpose of the Lost Ways by Claude Davies.  In the Lost Ways, the author reveals the long-forgotten secrets that enabled our great grandfathers to survive calamities like diseases, droughts, and famines.    

According to the author, you can use these secrets for your loved ones should there be a crisis that disrupts life and removes the comforts we are so used to today. That is rather a bold claim, which is why we decided to analyze this program and see whether it tells the truth or is another well-coached scam. Read on to learn more.

What is The Lost Ways?

Claude Davis’ Lost Ways can be defined as a comprehensive guide that teaches you how our ancestors lived and survived catastrophes like famines, wars, and economic downturns. In a nutshell, the book prepares you for all types of catastrophes and equips you with important information learned from the men and women of yore.  

You don’t need to be told that anything can happen that leaves Americans in a state of Limbo. There is a constant threat from North Korea with its nuclear war chest. Russia looks to be always spoiling for war with the US. Right now, we are dealing with the coronavirus that has already killed tens of thousands of people and is even causing lockdowns across the world. 

In the Lost Ways book, Claude Davis explains the dangers of today’s conveniences, and one of them is that it has made people be too complacent and never think of a worst-case scenario.  

How does The Lost Ways Work?

The author reckons that human beings, in general, have lost survival skills that are crucial in helping them overcome various life shortages. The program emphasizes the importance of people to be equipped with survival skills and techniques. In short, the author teaches you to be ready to live without electricity, the internet, your Smartphone or other electronic gadgets. In so doing, he covers some crucial topics like:

  • How to collect and also store water for your family in times of a crisis
  • How to trap different animals to use them as food and ensure your family never goes without a meal
  • A guide about how to build an underground home to keep your family safe from attackers
  • The art of preparing nutritious meals using ingredients used by our great grandfathers 

What Will You Learn from The Lost Ways by Claude Davis?

  • Nutritious Recipes
    In the Lost Ways eBook, the author discloses some important recipes of nutritious foods first prepared by the Native American scouts. From these recipes, you will learn how to prepare delicious and healthy foods by using the ingredients available.
  • You learn how to set traps
    During a time of crisis, one of the sure-fire ways to get food for you and your family is through setting traps to catch wild animals. This is why the author has dedicated a whole topic to teach you about the essentials of setting traps to catch different animals.
  • Shelter
    Another important element during a crisis is how you and your family are housed. To this end, he teaches you how to build an underground house to provide refuge to your family in case of an emergency. The house, which comes with an illustration, is big enough to provide shelter to up to 4 families.
  • Water
    You will be taught about the affordable way of collecting and storing water to be used by your family. Water is one of the most important resources for life, but during a catastrophe like war, it can be scarce. Claude Davis includes a guide about collecting and keeping your water without using money on it.

Benefits of The Lost Ways

  • You get ready to face any emergency
    It prepares us to live without the life’s comforts that we are so used to these days. From what we have seen recently, a catastrophe is not a remote possibility. When such time comes, you will be ready to face it.
  • The skills you learn can be used anytime
    The Lost Ways book may have been written primarily for survival. However, the skills taught here are applicable to the everyday way of life. You don’t need to wait for a crisis to apply them. They can help you to save money and also be self-sufficient.

Pros Of This Program

  • The Lost Ways download is available in not only digital but also print format.  
  • It teaches you recipes for making delicious and healthy food for your family during an emergency period  
  • It is backed with a solid money-back guarantee to make it a non-risk product
  • It is easy to read and understand so anyone with basic literacy skills can use it

Who is Claude Davis?

Claude Davis is an enthusiast when it comes to survival books. He is also the author of another bestseller- the Lost Book of Remedies. He notes in his book that the level of disaster preparedness among the people in the US is shockingly poor. With this in mind, he wants people to learn to survive without the luxuries and comforts of life today. He knows that one day there will come a time when our lives will be disrupted and we won’t have access to things like the internet, electricity, and computers among other things. That is the whole theme of the Lost Ways book.

What Inside the Package?

In addition to The Lost Ways by Claude Davis, you will be able to complement your survivalist skills with three free booklets:


Survival book that aims to reconstruct these lost skills and knowledge, which were second nature to our industrious forefathers. Created by Claude Davis, prepper and owner of the “Ask a Prepper” website, and his numerous sources and experts.


Find out which are the most reliable plants to grow in all weather conditions for your continuous food supply. How to plant them, grow, harvest, and store them.


Our great grandparents didn’t even know what an EMP was, nor did they know what modern technology was, but they surely lived, survived, and prospered without it. You’ll learn the things that you should do become self-sufficient, protected, and able to help others if you want to.


Our great grandparents didn’t even know what an EMP was, nor did they know what modern technology was, but they surely lived, survived, and prospered without it. You’ll learn the things that you should do become self-sufficient, protected, and able to help others if you want to.


As stated above, The Lost Book contains secrets that our ancestors used to survive all manners of crises. It teaches you how to live without the comforts of life that have become an inseparable part of our lives. The idea is to be ready for anything. In the world we live in today, terrorism is rife and disasters like hurricanes or typhoons have become almost a part of our lives. So there is a serious chance that our lives may be disrupted so badly that we would need to survive for some days without the things we have become so used to. With the Lost Ways book, you get prepared for the worst-case scenario. It teaches you how to prepare your food, tips for collecting water and storing it, how to build an underground house, and setting traps to catch animals to use as food. The guide also comes with an airtight 60-day money-back guarantee so it is risk-free.

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